Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sun Tea Western

Santa Margarita, CA
June 2010

Story: A stick-man lost his leaf-horse, then found his leaf-horse.  They rode for a while together until they parted ways again by mutual agreement. 

Direction: Shake the jar.

Post Earthquake Art


Santiago, Chile 
February 2010

I created art to inhabit the various cracks in our walls as a way to process the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 we experienced while living in Santiago, Chile...and deal with the aftershocks. The damage was all superficial but the visuals were reminders none the less.

Lawn Art

Santiago, Chile
January 2010

Summertime weekend swim. We put out grappling mats to engage in a bit of Fight Therapy and interacted with neighbors on the Lawn. These photos were taken from our 14th floor apartment with a small digital camera.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Invited Intervention

Self-Defense/ Spatial Awareness Class 
September 11, 2009
Seoul, South Korea
I was invited by the esteemed Professor Pilwha Chang, Professor of Women’s Studies at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea, to take over her lecture class for one day.  The idea was to get the students out of their seats and give them something unexpected but useful.
Goal: To wake-up sleepy students and to practice observing and moving through the world with curiosity, awareness, and confidence while learning valuable self-defense techniques. 

Awareness practice - posture, breath, and observation
Balance - standing and moving with a strong sense of base and flexibility (tree/surfer)
From ground to standing 
From wrist grabs (same side, cross grab, and both 
From rear bear hug 
Voice projection & Spatial Confidence
Walking with awareness and confidence 
Role-plays with escapes and practice saying “no” with         confidence
If time allows we will cover a little more groundwork and escapes.
_________class outline_____________________________
Posture, Breath, Awareness (be alert and curios) 
Posture - What does your body do when you are frightened? Intimidated? Bored? What happens to your posture? (drawing inward, closing off, hunching over, collapsing shoulders)
*Broaden your shoulders and stand up straight.
Breath – What happens to your breath when you are frightened or intimidated? Does your breath become shallow? Do you hold it?
*You need to breath to get oxygen to the brain. Breath awakens your senses. You need to use all of your senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, etc.) to be alert.
Observation/ Awareness - Look around you.  Who is in front of you? Who is beside you? Who is in back of you?  How much space is between you and them? Check in with your senses. What do you hear, smell, taste, etc.? Listen to your intuition.  How do you feel right now and what do your instincts tell you about the situation that you are in?  Keep this in mind for the rest of the class, the rest of the day and beyond.
Balance and Mobility
Balance - pole / roots / surfing tree / fighters stance
- Pole stance: stand feet together sway side to side.
- Root stance: imagine you are a tree - stand with feet hip     
         distance apart and grow your roots deep into the 
         ground. Sway side to side, and back and forth.
- Surfing tree stance: feet hip distance apart, one foot     
         forward one foot back. Sway. Explore your balance.
- Fighters stance: arms up ready to block a strike or kick to 
         the face or body (or throw a punch)
Practice mobility by moving forward and backwards (step, slide). Change sides.
Language/ Listening Practice Interlude 
Right/ left hand. Raise your right hand. Right/ left foot. Raise your left foot. Right/ left arm.  Block with your right arm.  Right/ left leg.  Block with your left leg. Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Sit on your right side. Sit on your left side.  (left buttock). Scoot forward / scoot back.  Prepare for the Technical Stand-up.
Self-Defense (or Technical) Stand-up – from the ground to standing. The technical stand up is important to create distance between you and a standing attacker.  It puts you in a ‘ready for action’ position.
Partner Practice
Person A is on the ground, Person B is standing and is trying to tag A’s head.  A keep legs in front (between herself and Person B) ready to kick at B’s knees, A’s free hand is up blocking any blows to the head. 
Wrist grab escapes (then possible elbow jab)
- Same-side grab
- Cross-grab
- Two hands on one
Voice projection exercise
Divide the class in two.  The two sides face each other (one side is person A, the other is person B).  Start standing close. Each side speaks in unison, then switch roles.  Do it again from across the room – project the voice. Person B must make herself very big when saying NO! (No means NO). *The following role play  references a common practice of young men paid to get girls into nightclub establishments in Seoul.  This practice is part of the regular night-life scene and is not considered particularly threatening, but I see it as an opportunity to practice being assertive. 
A. Come with me to the nightclub.
B. No thank you.
A. Why not?
B. I’m not interested.
A. Come on!
B. NO! 
Walking with confidence and escaping wrist grab – The two groups are going to walk past each other.  Group A is going to try to grab their partner’s wrist and talk them into going to a nightclub. Previous dialogue can be used.
Escape from rear bear hug - Drop base, shooting arms out like opening an umbrella turning thumbs down with elbows out to the sides. When dropping base – turn slightly towards the attacker (same idea as fighter stance – one foot forward one back for more stability) Step out to the side – escape and run.  Drop attacker if needed. (If they’re taller, you can duck under)
Escape from Mount – if time allows.
*Side points:
Avoid presenting a victim’s profile. Keep your head up and walk with confidence.  Enjoy the world - don’t be frightened of it, but be prepared.  Use curiosity about the world around you as a tool. The more aware a person is, the less that person will find themselves in dangerous situations.  If you find yourself in a dangerous situation – get away. If you can’t get away, talk to the person in a calm but firm voice, if that doesn’t work, you may have to fight – be prepared to follow up with everything you’ve got.
Sensitive areas for attacking an assailant are: Groin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and knees.

Accidental Sculpture

Los Angeles California 
July 25th - Aug 8th, 2009

Sculpture with Rug and Boots

Pairs Pairs and Underwears

San Diego, California
July 2009

I was working on illustrating a graphic novel about vampires, but I felt I was in a book by Dr. Suess.

Skull and Earth

Angel Island, California
June 2009
I was looking for art to create and I saw this skull.

Chicago, Ill - 06/18/2009-06/24/2009

Zig Zag

Seoul, South Korea


Found Art:
Yellow LILAs
Fish Market
Riot Police

Vampire Games in Old City Hall

Key West Florida
Residency through The Studios of Key West in the Old City Hall
I was working on illustrations for a graphic novel but I needed inspiration.  

San Francisco, California 02/13/2009

costume Fight Therapy
crashing at Comfort Inn

An Invited Intervention

Seoul and Around,
South Korea
August to December 2009

Found Art:
Surreal fluffy bunnies
Kia Superheroe
Leggy dancers
Heavy Load Lifted
Circle of red leaves

Living Room Sculpture

Sunland, California 01/19/09-01/29/09

On the road 01/15/09-01/19/09

pictures to come soon

San Francisco, California 01/13/09 -01/011/09

6:30 am
Squatted on the couch at a friend's house -
a dream of lighting her apartment on fire woke me up. I sat in her bed that morning and we talked about dreams.

Berkeley, California, 01/12/09-01/13/09

Having had vivid dreams, I painted this lovely book on the floor of my squat location.

In the evening I conducted a private Fight Therapy session. I think it went well.
(no photos)

San Francisco, California 01/09/09 -01/011/09

Squat at Sarah's

We went to 'Open for the Making' - The Saturday, January 10th Residency - At Triple Base Gallery in SF

Freestone, California 01/07/2009-01/09/2009 - the first Home Squat residency


jumped on a trampoline,

thought about squatting
and painting nature

Thursday, August 20, 2009

home in transition -early works 2003-2005

I'm remembering some of these older works now as leading into this ongoing 'Home Squat Residency' project. I explored notions of home as, uprooted, flexible and nomadic.

Our Household Window, Collective project with my New Zealand flatmates Tim, Bex, and Shauna - Sharing Spaces, Roar Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand 2004

Nesting, a private performance piece, Wellington, New Zealand, 2003

Finding Home...with ladders, 2004

Homebody IV, 2005

Homebody III, 2005

Homebody II - with Body of Evidence performance ,2005

The first suitcase in the Homebody series, made from my childhood suitcase

Homebody I, 2005, effects carried from Wellington, New Zealand to San Francisco, California

Material Girl - things from my closet, 2004

Material Girl Run, a sweaty run around the neighborhood

Material Girl on display, 2004

Global Threadbare, 2005 - made from travel clothes

Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Squat Residency

The 'Home Squat Residency' is an exchange - you allow me a small space to work (a table, desk, or a place to squat)  in your house or office for a day and night. You can choose one piece of work from whatever I create.

"Squat" refers more to the crouching position rather than the idea of occupying property (otherwise unoccupied) - because you live there... and by no means do I want to take over your space - or make a mess. No need to play host to me either - unless you really really want to. I'll stay out of your hair while I'm there and feed myself :-) If you are an artist and want to collaborate on a work - I'm totally down with that.

I aim to create a body of work for a show at the end of a two month period with work inspired by my various surroundings during the home squat residencies.